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13-b Before, from the back porch of a Goochland home, a long uninteresting view to beautiful rolling woods. After, a gravel and cobble walk inviting the viewer to a peaceful water feature, seating areas and surrounded by lush plantings. as beautiful in the winter as in the summer. Photo taken the first season after planting.
11-a Before, a custom, beautiful home in Goochland without any landscaping. after, lush plantings in a shrub border that enhance the front of the house while creating a lovely screen in front of the parking and driveway.
12-b   Before, a wayward driveway without definition between front and backyard. After, brick edge, periwinkle borders with fence and vines defines the driveway and creates a "cared for" look. 12-a
13-b Before, a frequently used side entrance that was totally neglected. After, a new concerete paver walk, inviting the homeowner and guests into the back kitchen door with a small seating area surrounded by a beautiful herb garden. 13-a