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Design Process  

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Design Process

The Discovery Process

During our initial discussion, usually by phone, we listen to your goals and expectations for your property. Then we follow up with a three page questionnaire (click here to load the pdf) that you complete prior to our consultation. This questionnaire asks a comprehensive series of questions about your existinglandscape. Such things as:

What are your color preferences?
What type of plants do you like? Dislike?
How do you use your yard?
What is your landscape budget?
Are you a gardener/birdwatcher?
Have a landscape plan designed for your new home?
Update your foundation plantings
Interested in organic vegetable and herb gardening?
Create a new more inviting front walk
Introduce a calming water feature
Install a natural stone retaining wall
Add a low maintenance perennial garden
Build a terrace for relaxing
Construct an enclosed outdoor shower (even if you don’t have a pool)
Add an outdoor kitchen for entertaining

The above are some of the fabulous landscape ideas that we
have designed. We can do the same for you!

Plan Creation

Your plan is an outgrowth of all the information we have gathered from you along with our detailed site analysis. This is what you will receive from us:

  • After we have completed our site analysis, we will create a “conceptual plan” that is a rough draft of our best ideas. This plan will include plants that you requested as well as our low maintenance, sustainable plant suggestions. We will schedule a meeting with you to review the concept plan, make changes and get approval. This is where we need to get on the same page and have honest input from both sides so that the new landscape is “yours”.

  • After our concept meeting, we will complete a final plan. At this time, we will then present to you a detailed, to-scale, landscape plan that includes a list of all plant material and number of each.

  • The final meeting, we will have our installers, both hardscape and plant installers, present to discuss the fine details or your project. As a result of this meeting, they will be able to generate an estimate for your work. Their work comes with a one-year guarantee on the plant material.

Plan Installation

After we deliver the final plan, you have three options:

      1. Do it yourself
      2. Use your own installer or
      3. Use landscape and hardscape installers that we recommend.

A note about our installers.  You are certainly free to use option one or two above and we  encourage you to do so, if you are comfortable.  However, the installers we recommend are those that we work with on a regular basis and, as a result, we are familiar with the high quality of their work.  They will provide a top-notch, turn-key installation that can include plant installation, landscape lighting, irrigation, hardscaping and water features.  They will also travel out of town to install for our Northern Neck projects.  Greenfield Landscaping  has been making our clients very happy  since 2011. 

When your new landscape, garden or terrace is installed, you will have increased the value of your home and property. According to a MONEY magazine article, “landscaping has a recovery value of 100% to 200% if it is well-done and harmonizes with foliage nearby.”